A Jarring Manifesto

Hi Reader,

Join us Inside the Jar.

Here you will find a weed centric, west coast guerrilla journalism project diving deep into drug culture. As stoners, consumers, and weekend dabblers, we don’t just want to read about weed. We expect that is true of others, as well.

Our content will begin with the cannabis plant and move outwards. We will write about growing, policy, and business, along with art, music, movies, politics, and anything else that wanders into the smoke lounges of our brain cavities.

Whether you’re a suit, hoody, pair of heels, or just someone with dirt under your fingernails, you will be treated the same. We don’t care where you’re from, who you know, or how much you make. We invite you, our fellow knowledge hunter, to join us as we try to fill a gap in the cannabis journalism space.

Since legalization slipped the lips of the Liberals, we have seen the endless proliferation of listicle generators, subject matter “experts”, social media influenzas, single-source articles, and press release transcribers all sink their teeth into the craze. In the frenzied rush to break news, the old school fundamentals of reporting ethically and carefully have often been lost.

Far too often facts are forgotten, sources misquoted, context forgone over controversy. Despite the wealth of expertise in the space, only a handful of weed’s most brilliant minds are able to share their knowledge publically. Our goal at ITJ is to provide an independent voice that doesn’t make these same mistakes.

The newness of the cannabis-centric media is not lost on us—it’s not all incompetence and stenography. There are some who do the plant and its community justice. But it’s going to take time for the media to catch up to a news source once hidden behind anonymous forum names and burner phones. Remember, recorded data was once called “evidence”.

To us, this isn't about sides: legal or illegal, licensed or black market, advocate or dissident. This is about informed, vigorous debate. We write without restriction.

Our core values include representing freedom of the press. It is, after all, a constitutional right. So, we will do, say, and write whatever the fuck we want.

This may sound dramatic, but cannabis legalization is one of the most impactful political evolutions of our era. This movement could be the catalyst of drug policy reform all over the world.

We believe that it’s time for a more nuanced discussion around drug use. Honestly, we’re here to get high and get under your skin.

So, we invite you to question us. Hold us accountable. Because we will certainly be doing the same to you.

From our altered states to yours,

Travis Lane
Executive Director

Chet Woodside
Product Director

Piper Courtenay
Co-Editor in Chief

Amanda Siebert
Co-Editor in Chief