product review:

Johnny be good

Imagine growing weed in your old elementary school.

This is exactly what licensed producer JC Green does, having set up a grow in the old Leesboro Central Public School in Thorndale, Ontario, where owner Rob O’Neill went to school as a kid.

The school shut down in 2009, and sat empty for almost a decade before JC Green got it rezoned and set off on the path of federal licensing.

One of the most common laments I hear when the legal market is compared to the old illicit market is that it is much less fun. Brands are sterile and corporate, cultivar names end up being similar and dull, events lack product and consumption, and origin stories are muted or focused solely on financial success.

Well, a brand called Johnny Chronic grown in the owner’s old elementary school is a hell of a story, and definitely brings a grin to my face. It seems that they are privately owned and focused on quality, as well, with a pre-legalization history and deep community roots.

It’s a pretty cool story, if you ask me. Hopefully their weed is good, too.

Getting the weed

I strolled down the street, as usual, to see what was new, and had to stand in line outside in the sunshine, socially distanced by lines on the sidewalk this time.

As soon as I heard the name Johnny Chronic, I figured I better give it a try. Their only available cultivar was Cherry Bomb, which ran me $43 plus tax.

Everything but smoke

This came in a mylar bag, as opposed to a jar. It is one of the only high-end products I have tried that has come in such simple packaging. While they don’t add anything enticing, I am fine with bags, and understand the choice to use cheaper packaging in order to keep the price as low as possible. I have used baggies forever and do have many jars at home, after all.

This weed looked really nice. I got decently sized, dense buds with solid trichome coverage. It smelled like vanilla to me, with a little hint of kush.

The moisture content was good, if a little on the dry side. It broke up nicely without crumbling to dust, making it easy to roll. So far, so good.


It tasted like vanilla with mild chai spices, and burned great right down to the roach. It was enjoyable the whole way.

Effects were strong enough, and mostly relaxing. It was smile-inducing, too, and didn’t put me to sleep, although it had some mildly sedating qualities.

Overall, I would buy this cultivar again. This was a solid introduction to Johnny Chronic.

Cherry Bomb by JC Green Inc.



This cultivar tasted like a spiced vanilla cupcake and burned perfectly. It had a nice, stoney effect. This company is privately owned with a fun name and a cool story. Well done, JC Green.