product review:

Not my God

Every year around this time,Vancouver throws a big weed celebration. While I am not the type of guy to hang out all day in a crowd, this city’s 4/20 is an iconic event in a region known for some iconic cannabis.

One of the notorious B.C. cultivars getting passed around is God Bud. I may have grown up with the stuff without even knowing it.

Like so many good teenage pot smokers back then, I started by stealing from my parent's stash, despite the fact that they had excellent hippy hiding spots. They used to get weed from one particular source dubbed "wheelchair" and it was killer.

When I was a bit older and had started growing for myself, I was offered a bunch of clones called “God”, and informed that they were cuts from Denman Island.

According to legend, the name is actually "G.O.D.", and it stands for "grown on Denman".

I grew them out only to discover that they smelled the same as the old "wheelchair"!

A few years later, God Bud would get some international attention after winning a big award, becoming part of the reputation associated with B.C. bud.

Since then, I reacquired an old God cut and ran it for several years. While it isn't in my current lineup, I do still keep a bunch of seeds.

This brings me to today, when I make an attempt to review one of the cultivars that I have the longest history with as a grower and smoker. This example is grown by an Ontario licensed producer that has one of the funniest mini scandal stories in legal cannabis, Redecan of the protein carbohydrates.

Getting the weed

This was part of a BC Cannabis Store online order. There isn’t much else to add as far as that experience is concerned: wait for a few days, and then stand in line at the post office.

This product is notable for the price. At $27 for an eighth, this is among the cheapest products I have tried. It is good to see that prices have been moving down and quality moving up.

Everything but smoke

This was no God I know.

My God had an earthy, vegetal, skunky smell with a bit of sweetness. I used to refer to the smell as intense cauliflower and mild skunk.

This smelled like flowers and was a little soapy. The smell was a bit thin, too. It did remind me a bit of an Ambrosia cut that used to go around the Island, which is a God cross.

It also didn't look like any God I have seen. In my experience this cultivar has darker, round buds that are quite dense, and this was all light and spear-shaped.

All of this said, it smelled fine and looked okay. Like so many legal samples, it was over-dry, but not to an extreme extent.


It was still not God, but it was actually a decent smoke. It tasted floral and a bit earthy, kind of a mushroomy lavender. Again, this reminded me of the aforementioned Ambrosia cut.

It smoked clean, and burned all the way down. It didn't blow my socks off, but was an enjoyable doobie.

The effects were nice enough, even if on the mild side. It wasn't the strong relaxing-but-still-thinking state that I love about the traditional God, as it was not relaxing or smiley. It was more focusing, if anything, so it’s probably good for games.

God Bud by Redecan



Not my God Bud, but decent nonetheless. It was nothing spectacular, but better than the average legal bud, and much better than similarly priced options. Not that strong, but clean, clear, and free of protein carbohydrates.