product review:

Scratching the blueberry itch

When I first got into weed as a teenager, there was very little differentiation between cultivars. It was before all the kush, and before carbon filtration, so many of the names associated with stinky bud today were uncommon.

When I originally came across a real blueberry sample, it was a revelation. It was among the first cannabis I had smoked where the flavour stood out above all else. It actually tasted like fucking blueberries!

Blueberry was created by legendary cannabis breeder DJ Short, who would surely be on the Mount Rushmore of cannabis, if such a thing existed. It became so popular in B.C. that almost all of our seedmakers in the ‘90s had a blueberry male to make seeds with.

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Today, blue dream is the dominant “blue” cultivar. Apparently originating in Santa Cruz, it took California by storm in the early 2000s. It is now one of the best-selling legal products, and likely the best-selling flower cultivar, in all the west coast American states where cannabis is legal.

In Canada, we have a nascent legal market that has seen a recent proliferation of variety and a much-needed improvement in overall quality. There is still a long way to go, but one of the most interesting aspects of the maturing market, to me at least, is the availability of iconic cultivars.

I had been looking for a blueberry in legal shops. Until now, I had come up empty.

Today, I will review the best blueberry representation I have seen in the legal market. It comes from Simply Bare, a brand owned by Rubicon Organics, which also produces a very solid example of Congolese.

Getting the weed

When the dispensary down the road reopened, fully COVID-ed up with plastic barriers at the tills and social distancing lines on the floor, I popped in to grab a variety pack. One of things I asked for was a blueberry.

When I saw the Simply Bare Organics Blue Dream, I decided to give it a shot. I had tried their Congo previously and came away happy, so I paid the $45 and headed home.

Everything but smoke

This smelled like blueberries and cheese. There were other mild food smells, too, maybe onions.

The smell got stronger as I busted it up for rolling. Buds were a nice size, and moisture was on point. It smelled a lot like the blue cheese that has been around B.C. for a long time, but not exactly.

This cultivar is supposedly a blueberry haze of some kind. I have tried a bunch of examples with this moniker in both Canada and the U.S., and I have found that there is a lot of variance. I like the blueberry smell of this one, and it fits the range that I have tried. It seems legit.


The smell translated very well to the taste: blueberries and cheese. It did not have quite as potent of a blueberry flavour as some cultivars, but it was excellent nonetheless.

Rolled in a joint, it burned perfectly right down to the roach, and was thoroughly enjoyable.

One thing I have noticed with some blueberry offspring is a lack of potency, from my perspective anyway. That’s not the case here, as I got a smiley, stoney effect without much in the way of sedation. It was relaxing and euphoric, and managed to scratch the blueberry itch.

Blue Dream by Simply Bare Organics



Excellent. This cultivar tastes like blueberries and cheese, burns great, and has nice effects. This is on my short list of “will likely try again”. Rubicon came out swinging with this and the Congolese, both of which fill gaps in legal cultivar selection.